Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

In this technique a single sperm is injected in an egg with the help of highly sophisticated microscope called inverted Microscope. ICSI has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility. ICSI is used when husband's sperm count, or motility or normal form are very low. Even when a patient fails in standard IVF or IUI due to fertilization problem ICSI can be helpful.


TESA is testicular sperm aspiration. When there are no sperms in semen (Azoospermia), then few sperms are aspirated from any of the testes with the help of a needle. ICSI can be done with these extracted sperms. 90% of the patients with Azoospermia can be benefited by TESA-ICSI. TESA is done under local anaesthesia without any discomfort and is an OPD procedure.

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