Dr. Saurav Maheswari

Dr. Saurav Maheswari

Dr. Saurav Maheswari is a specialist Gynecologist with expertise in the field of Reproductive Medicine.

He has done his MBBS from the prestigious Gauhati Medical College & Hospital and his MS in Obstetrics & Gynecology from Assam Medical College & Hospital.
He has also pursued extensive training in the field of Infertility and Laparoscopic Surgery. He is a trained Sonologist as well.

He has an excellent clinical acumen and and his ability to establish a positive rapport with his patient through his multi-linguistic skills sets him apart in the league.

His efforts of providing comprehensive medical services to patients with gynecological and obstetric ailments in both the in-patient and out-patient setting results in complete patient satisfaction. He possesses the faculties of critical thinking and analytical skills and believes in providing individualized and customized treatment.

Dr Maheswari aspires to bring in the best technology and treatment modalities for his patients. He is sincerely concerned about the detrimental effects of infertility on an individual, family and community, that often goes unnoticed. He is optimistic about providing the right solution to such patients seeking the joy of parenthood.

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