Dr. M.L. Goenka

Dr. M.L. Goenka

DR GOENKA has seen the IVF revolution in India from close quarters.

Dr. Goenka has seen the IVF revolution in India from close quarters. In the decade of the 80s, IVF was in a  reliminary stage and specialized treatment was not easily available. He converted his general nursing home in Guwahati to a specialized infertility care centre. And thus began a journey which has won him many accolades.

Dr ML Goenka is today the Director of Institute of Human Reproduction, Guwahati and Kolkata. He started the first IVF Centre in North East India at Guwahati and has so far delivered more than 5000 test tube babies. Dr Goenka had to struggle for two years to set up his centre. Culture media were difficult to get. There was shortage of qualified people and you had to go from country to country to get the technical knowhow which a lot of people were not willing to share. He started preparing most of the media in-house. At present also many medias are prepared at IHR with strict quality control. The Kolkata centre was started in 2007. All the treatments are available at both centres.

He has been guest speaker at many national and international conferences. He has published many papers in national and international Journals.

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